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Written by Tomas Petricek with Jon Skeet. Order from Manning or go to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or your favorite book store.

MSDN Articles

The following MSDN sections were written as companion to Real-World Functional Programming. The first chapter is loosely based on chapters 1-3 of the book.

  1. Functional Programming Intro
  2. Server-Side Programming
  3. Client-Side Applications
  4. Numerical Computing
  5. Building Data-Driven Webs
  6. Visualizing Data

Section 4 was written by Yin Zhu and the remaining sections were written by Tomas Petricek.

Book Reviews

Thanks to everyone who wrote a review or posted a comment about the Real-World Functional Programming book. Thanks to the Manning Early Access program, the book was available to the readers even before it was completed, which gave us some very valuable feedback. Here is an incomplete list of reviews that can be found online.

From the Back of the Book

  • “You will never look at your code in the same way again!”
    From the Foreword by Mads Torgersen, C# PM, Microsoft
  • “A truly functional book!”
    Andrew Siemer, .NET Architect
  • “.NET needs more functional programmers…this book shows you how to become one.”
    Stuart Caborn, Lead Consultant Thoughtworks
  • “Warning: this book has a very high Wow! factor. It made my head hurt…in a good way!”
    Mark Seemann, Developer/Architect, Safewhere
  • “I recommend it to all soft ware craft speople, not just .NET developers.”
    Paul King, Director, ASERT

From Amazon Reviews

  • “A hallmark of this book is a very pragmatic, Rosetta stone approach to F#.”
    Andre M. Van Meulebrouck
  • “This book goes out of the way to make C# developers feel comfortable with the new .NET language. I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to get out of the same old boring stuff and move on to something truly innovative and exciting!”
    John Mclintire
  • “Better still, it’s a terrific resource for helping convince the rest of your team of the advantages of adopting a functional approach and F# as a language. I can think of few better reasons for getting this book immediately!”
    Ryan Riley “panesofglass”

Blogs and Online Magazines

  • Real-World Functional Programming is a book by Tomas Petricek and Jon Skeet. It’s terrific. It succeeds not just as an introduction to functional programming and F#, but also as a simply excellent programming text. [...]

    Readers will not only learn the ideas, but also get trained to see applications for them, as well as acquiring knowledge of the tools. This book is my candidate for the best programming book of 2010.

    Craig McMurtry (Microsoft)

  • Overall, this is an amazingly good book that puts into words the many benefits of the functional paradigm, and shows that the F# programming language can embrace both the functional and object-oriented styles of programming. C# programmers, too, can gain something from this book, using it to understand the ideas behind LINQ and lambda expressions and why these have been incorporated into the language. I’m going to be re-reading it and working through the examples in more depth in the near future.

    Clive Tong (RedGate)

  • I really enjoyed reading this book – it’s my first real foray into the world of functional programming since university and I think I understand the functional approach to programming much better than I did back then from reading this book. [...]I’d certainly recommend this to any .NET developers curious about learning how to apply ideas derived from functional programming to their C# code and indeed to any developers looking to start out learning about functional programming.

    Mark Needham (ThoughtWorks)

  • Real-World Functional Programming teaches a paradigm using a functional language and not the other way around. There are better books to learn all of the ins and outs of F# but it would be just like reading a book on C# without understanding OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

    So if you’re a software developer that’s looking how to improve your ability – even if you’re not interested in F#, hack even if you’re not even a .NET developer – read this book!

    Dror Helper (Typemock)

  • It’s one of the rare cases which left me with a headache, the pleasant kind of which is left after learning something new. It is set in the .Net world, but I can only recommend it to everyone, as it offers a remarkably well written way into functional programming.

    Andrzej Grzesik